Making a Revolution in banking Clear

ClearBank© is the UK’s first new clearing bank in more than 250 years. Based in London, it plans to create a new level of open competition and transparency within the UK financial services marketplace.

As a relatively new company, ClearBank approached us with the objective of creating a visual medium which portrayed their mission clearly and effectively for use at their launch event and for their website.

Clearbank graphics
What we did

Design, Animation, Video

The challenge was to deliver a complex message in a simplified approach that was easy to digest. Not the most straightforward of subjects, clearing banks could confuse even some of the most renowned financial and banking journalists; Deciding how to clearly deliver such a complex message was somewhat of a challenge.

After much deliberation, research and multiple proofs, we successfully delivered an animated video that clearly demonstrated what their business was about in a creative and professional way.

The video was exhibited at ClearBank’s launch event and now occupies a prime spot on their website where it continues to garner views.

View the Animation

Clearbank branding
Clearbank graphics

So you know, we think your animation work is outstanding – thank you!

Nick Ogden, Executive Chairman, ClearBank