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Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is about attracting the right type of customer to your business, pulling them towards you, instead of pushing yourself towards them. The technique focusses heavily on content marketing, SEO and social media, to increase brand awareness and create high quality sales leads for your business. By aligning content to your prospects interests, you will naturally attract inbound traffic that you then convert, close and delight.

The Wurkhouse solution

At Wurkhouse we customise inbound marketing strategies for each company and industry. As Northern Ireland’s certified HubSpot Platinum partner, we use market-leading software to seamlessly integrate all aspects of inbound marketing, so everything you need is in the one place! This means the creation, management, tracking and reporting of all activities are centralised on the one platform for ease of use and visibility.

Why inbound?

The buying process has changed and it’s becoming more difficult to penetrate target markets successfully- Buyers are taking control with nearly 60% of purchase decisions now occurring before contacting a supplier.


  • Reach Prospects
    Attract the right inbound traffic with valuable content that focusses on solving your prospect’s specific pain points.
  • Generate High Quality Sales Leads
    54% more leads are generated by inbound, rather than traditional marketing methods (Source: HubSpot).
  • Convert Leads Into Buyers
    Nurture prospects through the sales process until a time where they’re ready to convert and purchase.
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment
    Simplify sales and marketing, while also coordinating them.  Alignment can increase revenue by up to 20%.
  • Strategic Marketing Automation
    Automate basic tasks and processes, saving valuable time and become more efficient.
  • Improves Search Engine Rankings
    Content creation not only attracts and converts leads but will also help your organic search engine rankings.
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