What we do

Professional SEO Services

We take a targeted approach for each of our clients, we assess your website and review your analytics to find opportunities to generate new leads and sales using your website. A thorough analysis of your online presence and your industry competitors is essential for a successful search engine optimisation campaign. Our digital marketing team provide SEO for companies throughout the UK, Ireland and USA including Derry ~ Londonderry, SEO Belfast, London and Dublin.

How we can help you reach your goal

  • Reviewing your online positioning
    Is your website ranking for keywords that your customers are searching for online? We analyse where you are currently positioned online compared to your competitors and look for opportunities your business could be missing out on online. Our SEO specialists assess whether you are getting relevant traffic to your website, how visitors to your website behave and how the user experience can be improved to increase your conversion rates.
  • Demonstrating how you can rank higher on google
    5 Tips For Better SEO Rankings

How We Do SEO

Once we carry out an assessment of your website’s online presence our SEO consultants carry out the following strategies:

Develop keyword

Are you using the correct keywords in your content? Content marketing is essential for reaching new audiences locally and globally.

We use keyword research tools to find:

– Targeted SEO keywords
– Local search keywords (for searches in Derry / Londonderry / NI for example)
– Long tail keywords that your target market is searching for.

We implement those keywords into your content to optimise your website and landing pages for search engine ranking

Review website

Your websites architecture is the cornerstone for your SEO strategy. The navigation structure of your website is essential for search engine indexing and more
importantly for user experience.

We analyse your analytics data to ensure visitors flow through your website, find what they need and ultimately contact you/make a purchase.

We will make the necessary changes to your site and review over time to ensure you see an improvement in traffic and leads/sales from your website.

Assess & fix technical

We assess your website for technical issues that may be preventing your site from ranking higher on search engines and we will resolve those issues for you.

We have a stringent technical SEO checklist which we use for our client’s websites which includes page speed optimisation, submitting sitemaps, fixing crawling and indexing issues and more.

Our team always keep up to date with algorithm changes by the main search engines like Google to ensure that your website remains optimised for SERPS when such changes occur.

Lead generation &
conversion optimisation

We review and optimise your landing pages and calls-to-actions to ensure that your website becomes a lead generator for your business. We will optimise CTA’s for forms and downloads to collect information from visitors to your website so that they can be nurtured into leads.

We focus on results

We are focused on delivering results for our clients locally in Derry and worldwide.

All SEO campaigns are meticulously monitored and we provide regular progress reports outlining the progress made and review with the client is achieving the desired results. Our team stay up to date with SEO trends.

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